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The Design Group
has six key areas of concentration to give you the critical information you need to manage your brand: creating a new
brand strategy, understanding how
far your brand can stretch, brand architecture, brand management, brand revitalization and 
brand positioning.


The Design Group
is committed to implementing marketing communications that are authentic,
culturally relevant,
and intellectually and 
emotionally engaging.
Every day, the firm’s work lends credence
to the idea that being Black or Latinx is about more than skin color: It’s about mindset

— a mindset that evolves within the various layers of Black and Latinx consumer bases.


The Design Group creates cultural narratives: relevant experiences that weave brands and their audiences together through conversations and meaningful interaction. 


The Design Group
works each day to develop relevant, authentic and engaging communications.

Our portfolio includes collateral tools for business-to-consumer and business-to-business utilization. Design is
not a layout. Design
is a well-coordinated series of elements working together to motivate, inspire and create change.


Navigating the earned media universe is important in today’s complex communications environment. The Design Group’s wide range of professional experience enables us to promote with a rare combination of business savvy, personal knowledge
and hands-on interest.


The Design Group’s media department takes pride in its negotiating prowess. Our firm is one of the region’s leading buyers of media targeting multicultural consumers. It is commonplace to negotiate with at least a 30% greater efficiency than our contemporaries on every campaign.


The Design Group
equips our clients with capabilities far beyond
a typical full-service agency. We don’t just create static HTML websites for our clients. We provide strategic analysis and expert technical implementation that solve real-world problems.


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